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Improve Your Living Experience With a Water Softener

San Diego homeowners: Did you know that the majority of the water in this city is considered “hard?”

The city of San Diego imports most of its water and as it travels through rock and soil it picks up minerals that make up hard water – calcium and magnesium.

Hard water can be damaging to your pipes and leave you and your family uncomfortable when using the faucets. It doesn’t get your clothes as clean, or lather as well when you shower. The best solution for remedying hard water in Southern California is a whole house water softener.

What is a Water Softener?

Whole house water softeners, or water conditioners, serve to make your water cleaner at every faucet throughout your home. They work by literally softening your water! Using sodium, these systems will break down the sediments found in hard water and instantly transform it to soft water.

There are two types of systems available: point-of-use and whole house. Point-of-use is a nice option if you just want to try out the system to see its effectiveness. But, as its name suggests, they only condition the water at one fixture in your home – like one sink or shower. Whole house, on the other hand, will soften water throughout your entire home, covering all plumbing appliances.

Benefits of Whole House Water Softeners

Before getting into personal benefits, you’ll notice that with water softeners your home’s pipes will be in much better condition. Having hard water speeds up the deterioration process of your plumbing, so your pipes thank you.

But, in addition to that, you will also have:

1. The ability to customize your system. They are available in all shapes and sizes.
2. Softer hair and skin. You will actually feel cleaner after stepping out of the shower.
3. Softer clothing that will last longer.
4. Dishes, glasses, and clothing that are shinier, cleaner, and look like new.

So, protect your plumbing and better your everyday living experience with a whole house water softener. Call Arnett’s Plumbing today for more information, or to schedule an installation!

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