What does an error code 90 mean?

Feb 22, 2019

What’s an Error Code 90?

Error code 90 is a common error code that typically indicates a problem with the fuel and air intake levels of your Noritz on-demand tankless water system. Blockages, debris, or an insufficient gas supply might be to blame for the malfunction. It’s usually related to the combustion mechanism of your tankless system. You may notice that your tankless isn’t heating the water properly. Another related issue might be that your hot water runs out before you finish showering.

Diagnosing the problem

There are several tests you can do to determine the source of the problem. Noritz describes the process here. If you’d rather leave it to the professionals, just give us a call and we’ll walk you through it. Or, we’ll send someone come out and take a look right away. We don’t recommend waiting to resolve this type of error code. It’s better to contact us the moment you first notice your tankless system is working as it should be.

Maintaining your tankless water heater

Obviously, a unit that hasn’t had regular maintenance is more likely to encounter this problem. It’s important to keep your system well-maintained with annual cleanings and descaling. Depending on frequency of use, we recommend having your water heater flushed every 6-12 months. Generally speaking, a family of four would require an annual inspection and cleaning.

Calling in the experts

So if you notice that your Noritz tankless water heater is flashing an error code 90, you’ll need a technician to come out and see what’s going on. A short-term fix might be to turn the unit on and off again, but the problem is likely to return soon after. The licensed experts at Arnett’s Water Systems are well-equipped and ready to get you back and running in no time.

Generally, a flashing error code 90 is not serious, but it does require attention. So the next time you find yourself with an error code 90, let Arnett’s take care of it for you. We’re here to answer any questions you may have, and estimates are always free.