Water Softener Installation in San Diego

Water Softener Installation in San Diego

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hard water treatment with soft water installation

The advantages of setting a new water softener in your home surpass the act of simply eliminating hard water from your pipes. High-quality water softeners can save you money on future repairs and future replacements of appliances that have been heavily worn out by hard water. Appliances that will operate better as a result of water softening include water heaters, dishwashers, showers, washing machines, and more. According to numerous reviews that we have heard from our customers, water softeners can even save you cleaning time. That’s because cleaner water means that you will have a cleaner home.

From our experience, here are 5 of the most common benefits to result from having a water softener installed into your home:

1. Money savings: Most water softeners will pay for themselves within a time of 7 to 8 months after installation. Not only that, but unlimited soft water has the potential to save you hundreds and thousands of dollars on detergents, heating, and appliance operations.

2. Protects your skin: Hard water can irritate sensitive skin. With a new water softener, you can begin enjoying life with naturally-moisturized, smooth skin as a result of a daily dose of soft water. This can be very beneficial for children and adults with dry skin.

3. A cleaner home: With unlimited soft water, cleaning will be much easier. Dirt and grime wash away easier than ever with soft water. In most cases, a water softener can reduce household cleaning time by nearly 50%. Wow!

4. Less lime scale: Hard water damages your pipes more than you would think. Water softeners will eliminate plumbing headaches, such as clogged shower heads, lime scale on shower doors and bath tubs, as well as hard water build-up in pipes.

5. Water heater cost reduction: With clean, soft water flowing through your water heater, you will likely see savings of up to 20-30% on gas, oil and electricity costs. How great is that?

The benefits of soft water speak for themselves. Why are you waiting to upgrade? Contact Arnett’s Plumbing to learn more about water softeners today!