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If you want to help your traditional water heater last longer, you’ll want to make sure you flush the tank a couple of times each year to reduce corrosive sediment. Here’s how to do it.

First, turn off the heater, both at the unit and at the circuit breaker. Wait 30 minutes or so to let the water cool, close the cold water intake, and attach a hose to the drain valve. Open a hot water tap nearby so that air will be able to get into the tank and then open the valve.

Once the water is gone, close the drain and open the cold water valve. Fill the tank half with cold water and then open the drain once again. Keep doing this until you see clear water draining out of the tank. Regular flushing will help reduce the chances of developing issues such as a lack of hot water and smelly or discolored water. This is particularly important if you have an older model and you are trying to extend its lifespan.

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