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Professional may need to determine if it’s a normal sound or a buildup of sediment

If you shut off your water and the water heater makes a ticking sound, that doesn’t automatically mean there is an issue with the appliance. In some instances, you may simply be hearing normal activity within your plumbing. However, the noise could be due to a buildup of sediment. You should have your tank flushed once or twice a year to help reduce not only odd sounds, but also other serious problems that sediment can cause.

Sediment buildup can trap small pockets of water in your appliance. This trapped water turns to steam when the heating element is engaged, and results in the ticking or popping noise. You’ll usually hear it immediately after you turn off your water because the appliance will still be trying to heat for a few minutes.

You could also have an issue known as “water hammer,” which occurs when water hits your pipes with excessive force. This is usually a sign that you have some sort of blockage in your plumbing or a problem with water pressure. This has to be addressed as soon as possible, because there is a chance that it can cause your pipes to burst.

If you hear any sort of odd noises in your water heater, call Arnett’s Plumbing so that we can determine the cause.

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