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During the winter season, there are few things that are better than taking a long, hot shower. However, there is also nothing quite worse than expecting to take a hot shower, only to get a tepid spray. Before you decide to throw your water heater out the window, there may be a few simple solutions that you can look into to have your unit repaired. As it turns out, all of these issues can be prevented by properly maintaining your water heater.

Common Water Heater Issues in San Diego

– Pilot light outages
– Thermostat failure
– Gas control valve failure
– Rust and corrosion build up
– Sediment deposit, creating rust colored water
– Pressure release valve failure
– Leaks
– Poor water pressure and temperature

Every one of these issues can be prevented throughout the lifespan of your water heater, be it conventional or tankless. A lot of maintenance tips are actually found in your user manual. Feel free to call Arnett’s Plumbing for further advice!

In the meantime, here are a few helpful tips:

Clean sediment build-up: Over time, particles from your water line can build up at the bottom of your tank. If you notice discoloration in your hot water, you may need to clean sediment from your unit.

Check the pressure valve: Both gas and electric water heaters have a safety device that is called a pressure relief valve. In the event that the tank over-pressurizes, the relief valve opens and releases the pressure. If the valve doesn’t operate correctly, the tank can over-pressurize or even explode.

Tighten fittings: Notice puddles forming around the area where the water heater is located? It may be caused by leaks and drips from ineffective fittings. Finding the leak source will save you money on water consumption and a mess to clean up.

Do you have problems going on with your water heater? Call Arnett’s Plumbing today!

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