The Best Water for Bath Time

Aug 20, 2019

Do you remember your baby’s first bath? It probably wasn’t as easy as you thought it would be! A wet baby is slippery, squirmy, and completely helpless. You think, “What if he falls in? What if she gets soap in her eyes?” The worries and hesitations of a new parent are quite understandable. But after the first two or three baths, these fears usually go right down the drain. After all, your baby was born to love bath time, and you have done everything by the book to make sure your baby’s first years in the tub are a magical experience.

You shopped around for the best tear-free shampoo and top-of-the-line wash bins and splash toys. You made sure the sink or tub was completely sterilized before the bath, and you had a soft, fluffy towel ready and waiting for your clean baby to snuggle into. But have you considered the quality of the water from the faucet? It’s one more item that should be on every new parent’s bath time checklist.

The Best Water for Bathing Your Baby

One thing that is often overlooked is the kind of water you’re using to fill the tub. Did you know that San Diego tap water is very high in mineral content? Water high in minerals like calcium and magnesium is known as hard water, and it is not what you want to be using on your baby, or yourself for that matter. The best water for bathing your baby is water that has been softened. That is water that has been purified and stripped of heavy mineral deposits.

The Bothersome Effects of Hard Water on Baths

Hard water is no fun for bath time. For one thing, it can dry out your baby’s skin (and yours, too). Hard water also makes baby’s new hair feel dry, tangled, and difficult to work with. Using extra conditioner might help, but this only masks the effects of hard water. Baby lotion may also help, but hard water is probably the reason you are using so much of it in the first place. 

Another bath-time bummer is that hard water doesn’t allow for a lot of bubbles…no matter how much soap you put in. Hard water doesn’t lather easily, so Mr. Bubbles won’t be very much fun.

Lastly, hard water can even ruin the most magical moment of bath time: wrapping your little one in soft, clean towel. Hard water mineral residues remain on wash water in the laundry. The result is hard, crunchy towels––the kind you would never want to use on your baby’s angel-soft skin. Never!

Wave Bye-Bye to Hard Water with a Whole-House Water Softener

Bath time is a special time for both parents and children––it’s a time for splashing with toys and bonding with our little ones over a tub full of bubbles. If you want to make the most out of these precious moments, look into getting a whole-house water softener.

Water softeners work like magic to soften water and bring a brand new experience to bath time. Your baby’s bath will be better, and your conscience will be clean as well.  So make the switch to conditioned water and make the most out of bath time, every time.

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