Tap Water Contamination: Can We Truly Trust the Tap?

Sep 26, 2019

Tap Water Trust Issues

For many years, we’ve trusted public works to provide clean tap water. Sure, it doesn’t taste or smell that great. But at the very least, we assumed it would be safe for cooking, bathing, and drinking. Recent events and studies have shown that this may not be the case.

Recent Tap Water Crises

Flint, Michigan

Once a thriving auto-making town, Flint will forever be known as the city whose residents were poisoned by its own municipal water.

According to reports, the nightmare began when the city changed residents’ water supply from Detroit water to a local source. Soon after, residents began complaining of changes in the smell, taste, and appearance of their water. Children were testing positive for lead poisoning at an alarming rate. Reports of E.Coli were numerous, and as many as twelve people died from a Legionairres’ disease outbreak during the switch, says NPR news.

The real crime was that city officials continued to assure residents of the water’s safety, long after they knew about the potential risk of contamination.

Initially, government officials had hoped that the change would save the city money in the long run. Instead, it cost lives and created a firestorm of anger and distrust that continues to this day.

Recent Tap Water Contamination Reports

More recently, a new study conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG.org) has shown that tap water contains hundreds of dangerous carcinogenic agents. In small quantities over a lifetime, these toxins could potentially “result in more than 100,000 cancer cases.”

The contaminants mainly responsible for these health risks include arsenic, radium, uranium, disinfection byproducts, and pesticides, to name a few.

tap water issues

How Can Our Tap Water Possibly Be Safe?

No one should ever have to question whether the water they consume and provide their families is safe to consume. But when you consider aging infrastructure and the amount of chemicals that come into contact with it, it’s no surprise that our nation’s tap water might be dangerously unclean.

When you think about everything that goes down our drains, it’s no wonder that the quality of municipal water has gone down.

Every single time a floor is mopped or a toilet cleaned, toxins are flushed down the drain. Sunscreen, shampoo, dyes and deodorants also find their way into ground water. Not to mention our large-scale agricultural and industrial run-off.

Do we really expect water treatment facilities to magically rinse away all those chemicals? The only way they know how to clean such a large volume of water is by adding more chemicals, called disinfectants.

You don’t need a degree in medicine to know that drinking disinfectants might not be safe.

Finding Piece of Mind in a River of Doubt

There are lots of things that might keep you up at night, but worrying about whether your tap water is toxic shouldn’t be one of them. Take action by installing a high-quality water filter as soon as possible. Reverse osmosis is the preferred method of filtering out unwanted chemicals, including chloramines and carcinogens. Bottled water is a second option, but not if you are interested in saving money, or the environment.

If you want to extinguish any seed of doubt as to whether your tap water is safe, filtered water is the only way. You’ll be grateful you did in the event that the government fails us again in the foreseeable future. Don’t leave the health of your loved ones in the hands of Uncle Sam. Contact Arnett’s Water Systems to move forward with a company you can truly trust.

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