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A customer with a 2 1/2 year old tankless water heater was having problems with it and needed someone to come check it out.

Tankless water heaters have many benefits – water on an “as needed” bases; can be put almost anywhere in a home; never run out of hot water – but like anything else, problems can occur. Maintenance is suggested on a yearly basis to prevent any issues, but if you happen to notice any of the following, call Arnett’s so we can help you fix them:

– Gas Supply Issues: Tankless water heaters need a lot of gas when heating water because there is no storage tank. You have to make sure there is enough gas pressure and volume for it to work efficiently.

– Exhaust Venting Issues: These types of heaters are computer controlled and monitor many things at once when heating water. Because it works so hard, the exhaust can become very hot very quickly and that heat needs to be vented out just as fast.

– Scale Buildup: That annual maintenance includes a flushing of the tank. If you don’t have your tank flushed, hard water causes minerals to build up and cause improper operation.

– Improper Sizing or Location: Tankless water heaters need to be sized correctly in order to get the amount of hot water you and your family need. They also don’t need to be installed where the old water heater was. In fact, that is often not the ideal location for a tankless.

If you have any questions about your tankless water heater’s operation, or you need it fixed, call Arnett’s Plumbing today!

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