Tankless Water Heater Filter Cleaning in Temecula, CA

Feb 4, 2014

The filter in a tankless system helps to reduce the problems associated with the buildup of scale. If the filter is not working properly, scale can reduce water flow by clogging components of your system. Scale typically consists of minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

Your tankless water heater filter should be cleaned at least once a year. If you want to take care of this on your own, you need to make sure that you closely check your owner’s manual. It will show you how to find the filter screen and remove it. Once you take it out, all you need to do is put it under some running water in order to clear it of debris. The better the quality of your water, the less debris should be in the filter.

If you have recently had your system installed, a good rule of them is to check the filter three months after installation. This will give you a good idea of how often you will likely need to clean it.

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