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Reverse Osmosis Systems Help Keep Your Water Clean and Healthy

If biology wasn’t your strong suit, the word osmosis might seem a little scary and complicated. But, in truth, this type of osmosis is not that bad. It’s okay if you don’t believe us, but so you can fully understand exactly what reverse osmosis does when it comes to water filtration, we want to share some frequently asked questions and answers.

Q: What is reverse osmosis?

A: In layman’s terms, it’s a method of water conditioning by which hard water (water that carries excessive amounts of minerals) is conditioned to become soft water.

Q: Why should I condition my water?

A: Hard water can damage your pipes and make you,  your dishes, and your laundry not feel clean. Water conditioning gets rid of sediment build-up and corrosion and softens your water so that it no longer causes harm to your pipes.

Q: How does reverse osmosis work?

A: Simply put, reverse osmosis occurs when so much soft water is poured into your plumbing that the hard water pushes through a membrane, eliminating the calcium and magnesium deposits that make your water “hard.” The membrane causes the materials to be flushed, instead of collecting in the water. Reverse osmosis will rid calcium, magnesium, sodium, and sulfate from your water, and will also help it taste better and have a better smell.

Q: How are reverse osmosis systems installed?

A: If you would like a reverse osmosis system installed you can choose to have either a point-of-use unit or a whole-house softener. The point-of-use option will focus on softening the water through one specific plumbing system, like a sink, while the whole-house one will soften water throughout your entire home.

Q: What are the benefits of reverse osmosis?

A: The main benefits this process serves is ridding your pipes from scale build-up and deterioration. But, it also purifies your water and decreases the need for bottled water. You can have clean, healthy, and refreshing water always at the ready for you and your family.

At Arnetts Plumbing, we can assure you that you will love a reverse osmosis system in your home, and hope you will choose us to install it for you. Call us today!

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