Why Choose Tankless?

When comes to water heating systems for homes and businesses, tankless water heaters are best and most innovative technology available today.

Understanding the Difference Between Conventional and Tankless Water Heaters

Conventional Water Heaters: Attached to a tank that is always full of warm water, conventional water heaters burn fuel around the clock to ensure warm water is always a turn of the faucet away. That means when you and your family are out of the house, at work or school, it’s heating. When you’re out for dinner and a movie, it’s heating. While you’re on vacation enjoying the beach somewhere, you guessed it, it’s still heating.

Tankless Water Heaters: Tankless water heaters are on demand systems, so it only heats the water when there is a demand for it. When you’re ready for a hot shower or a bowl of warm soup, your water is ready too—all at the turn of a faucet. This ‘on demand’ functionality allows the homeowner to drastically reduce the high levels of energy and water typically consumed by their conventional counterparts. In addition, the amount of energy wasted with tankless is significantly less than conventional. For example, a typical water heater will heat at 95% efficiency (only 5% of energy is lost), and a traditional unit goes to a maximum of 75%.

The Tankless vs. Tanked Debate: Size Does Matters

A 40 gallon conventional water heater requires a lot of space to store all that water. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, are about the size of a carry on suitcase with a far more effective design. That means even the smallest tankless water heater will perform better the largest conventional water heater.

Tankless water heaters can do it all, including:

  • They will never run out of hot water.
  • Saving you up to 60% of water heating energy.
  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 60%.
  • Improving home aesthetics.
  • Saving space.
  • Giving you twice the lifespan of a conventional water heater. 20 years, compared to 10.
  • And more!

Start paying for hot water only when you want it. Call Arnett’s Water Systems to get set up with a tankless water heater today!


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