Whole House Water Filtration

Studies continue to prove that drinking more water improves immune function and overall health.  Okay, sign me up!  Drinking water is a pretty easy and inexpensive way to stay hydrated and healthy.  Ideally, I would like to turn on my tap, fill a mug or BPA free bottle with water and be on my merry way, but as it turns out, this is often asking too much.

What’s Wrong With Your Water?

There’s probably very little to nothing wrong with your water if you’re purchasing it bottled, but why do this if you have access to a household tap?  The cost of bottled water quickly adds up and all that excess plastic waste does nothing good for the environment.   So, try the tap, and get the following:

  • Hard water: Water with excess calcium and magnesium
  • Soft water: Water typically conditioned with sodium
  • City water: Water most often “cleaned” with chlorine and other chemicals
  • Well water: Water frequently contaminated with bacteria and sediment

Hey, we’ve come a long way with water purification, but the only way to be 100% worry-free about the drinking water in your home, is to install a whole house filtration system.

How Do Whole House Water Filtration Systems Work?

Most whole house water filtration systems purify water with a charcoal or charcoal coconut cleansing process.  They work of course to filter out sediment and bacteria, but also chlorine and other chemicals.  Whole house water filtration systems may be installed in a matter of hours.  They’re small and may be easily mounted out of the way next to your home’s other plumbing-related fixtures.

Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration

The benefits of whole house water filtration are evident:

  • Readily available clean and fresh household drinking water
  • Conveniently accessible at every household faucet
  • Less money wasted on bottled water
  • One less thing to worry about
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Healthy and affordable

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