UV Water Filtration

Naiad Water UV Light San Diego

Naiad Sterilight UV Water Filtration The Naiad Sterilight Ultraviolet Water Purification System provides another level of protection to ensure that you and your family receive safe and healthy high quality pure water for drinking and other household use. This powerful filtration tool eliminates organic contaminants from water you use in your home. When you install this system, you no longer have to be concerned with the wide-array of water-borne viruses and bacteria. The main strength of UV water purification is that, in addition to being an effective treatment of organic contaminants and microbes, it is relatively simple and inexpensive. In comparison to reverse osmosis filtration systems you might see advertised, UV Water purification is significantly more efficient and never wastes water.

It adds no chemicals to the water and leaves no “byproducts.” That’s because UV purification is filtration the natural way! The sun purifies the outside air with UV rays, and a Naiad UV Sterilight system purifies your water the same exact way.

Also, compared with other organic contaminant water treatment technology, the Naiad Sterilight UV Water Filtration System requires very little maintenance. It works automatically and unstoppably — a purification solution that is truly built to last.