Black Tank Anti-Scale - AS100 -

Black Tank Anti-Scale – AS100

Naiad AS100 (2)

Black Tank Anti-Scale – AS100

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Sterilight Ultraviolet System

Ultraviolet light is a natural, cost effective, & environmentally friendly disinfection process for use in recreational facilities, homes, and other areas where safe, healthy water is a concern. UV destroys infectious microbes by directing light to their reproductive mechanism. Consequently, the risk of disease is eliminated.




  • Immediate process (No storage tank required)
  • Beneficial minerals are not removed
  • Economical disinfection process
  • No byproducts created;
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No unpleasant tastes or odors (As caused by chlorine)




  • 99% destruction of bacteria, virus, and protozoan cysts (Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium) at rated flow.
  • 304 stainless steel reactor chamber (316SS available on request)
  • Open end quartz sleeve and aluminum gland nuts
  • Audio/visual annual lamp change reminder
  • Audible lamp failure indicator
  • Visual “Power On” LED
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 125 psi (8.62 bar)
  • Ambient temperature: 36-104°F (2-40°C)
  • The Silver™ ICE power supply visually displays the remaining lamp life and will go into alarm if the lamp
  • The power supply has a sealed case to prevent damage from accidental water intrusion and is fully CSA and CE compliant




  • Drinking water disinfection
  • Wastewater water disinfection
  • Process water disinfection
  • Industrial affluent water disinfection
  • Also used for non-disinfection applications such as dechlorination in many process industries.




Model # / SKU Flow Rate* Lamp Watts Inlet/Outlet Connection (Inches) Dimensions, Inches Shipping    

Weight Lbs.

@ 16 mJ/cm2 @ 40 mJ/cm2 Cell    

(Dia. × L)


(L × W × H)

UV001 4.0 15.0 2.0 7.5 17 ½” MNPT 2.5” × 17” 19” × 8.1” × 2.5” 6

UV001 is 100-130v/50-60Hz.

Flow Rate listed are dose dependent. 40 mJ/cm2 = NSF/EPA Standard. 16 mJ/cm2 = US Public Health Standard.



Technical Information

Note: Microorganisms require varying UV dose levels for destruction. Some of the common organisms and their corresponding dosage level are shown below.

croorganism Dose (mJ/cm²)
E. Coli² 6.6
Cryptosporidium parvum¹ <10
Giardia lamblia¹ <10
Hepatitus Virus¹ 8
Influenza Virus¹ 6.6
Shigella dysenteriae² 4.2
Legionella pnuemophila² 3.8
Salmonella paratyphi² 6.1
1. 2-log reduction
2. 4-log reduction  



Scale Inhibitor

Prevent scale formation to improve efficiency and prolong the life of your water heater, household appliances, or other downstream equipment.

The anti-scale media prevents scale by transforming dissolved hardness minerals into harmless, inactive microscopic crystal particles. These crystals stay suspended in the water and are passed to drain. The filters require very little maintenance, no backwashing and no salt. Typical hardness problems, especially build-up of scale in heating elements, pipes, water heaters, boilers and on fixtures are no longer a concern.




  • Prevent scale formation to improve efficiency and prolong the life of downstream equipment.
  • Easy to install:  No drain line or electrical connections needed
  • Save Money: More Cost Effective to Operate than a Traditional Water Softener
  • Save Space: No Regeneration Means no Brine Tank or Bags of Salt
  • Efficient “Green” Operation:  Zero Discharge.  No backwash, salt, or electricity is required.
  • Easy Maintenance:  No downtime due to regeneration or backwash.   Simply replace the anti-scale cartridge when their useful life has been exhausted.
  • Known to reverse existing scaling problems
  • No salt or chemicals required
  • Pressure relief housings, inlet ball valve, and filter wrench included for easier filter replacement
  • Use as Pretreatment to Reverse Osmosis will Prevent Membrane Scaling and Prolong Membrane Life




  • Durable Polypropylene Filter Cartridge Shell
  • Built-in 100 micron reticulated poly foam pre filter to prevent contamination buildup in the resin bed
  • Built-in 20 micron spun-bonded polypropylene post filter to prevent media fines from being washed out of the filter cartridge




  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane System
  • Water Heaters
  • Household Appliances
  • Coffee Makers
  • Ice Machines
  • Distillers
  • Evaporators
  • Steam Generators




Model Number / SKU For Use in Housing Service Flow Rate
Continuous Peak
SI50 10″ Standard 0.6 gpm 1.5 gpm
  • Operating Limits: MAX Pressure: 90psi (6.3kg/cm2); MAX Temperature: 100°F(38°C)
  • Capacity: Anti-scale cartridges do not have a grain removal capacity, however, other contaminants present in the water will gradually degrade the effectiveness of the cartridge. Change the cartridge at least once every two years.