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Ever notice that filmy white residue on your shower head or glassware? Do showers leave your skin and hair feeling dry and itchy? You may be facing a hard water issue with the water in your home, and Arnett’s, your local San Diego water filtration specialist, is here to help! Let’s review what having hard or soft water means for you and your home:

Hard Water in San Diego

Hard water is water that is filled with mineral deposits. The issue is very common, and while it poses no immediate threat to your health, it does wreak havoc on your plumbing system and water using appliances. One of the most obvious signs that your home has hard water is not being able to create a rich foamy lather while washing your hands.

Soft Water in San Diego

In contrast, conditioned (or soft water) does not contain an abundance of extra minerals nor does it interfere in the lathering of soap suds.

How to Tell Which Type of Water You Have

As we mentioned before, the tell tale sign that your home is having a hard water issue is the richness of your soap suds: if lathering soap is difficult to impossible, you more than likely have hard water in your home. Other signs of hard water include:

– Spotty or filmy dishes and glassware
– White splotches on or around faucets and appliances
– Itchy or dry skin after bathing and washing hands
– Heavy clothing with dingy appearance after you wash them
– A lack of water pressure due to sediment build-up in your pipes or fixtures

What Can Conditioned Water Do For You?

The minerals found in hard water cause major problems to your plumbing systems. Corrosion and rust aggravated by the heightened mineral levels cause damage to your pipes and appliances over time. Having you water conditioned will slow the ware and tare of your plumbing system, extending the life of these systems and preventing untimely breakdowns due to mineral build up. Soft water will also keep your clothing and dishware fresh and clean, saving you money and time on rewash cycles.

Call the water filtration specialists at Arnett’s today to learn more about how a water conditioning system can transforms your home’s water and save you money!

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