Ditch the Plastic: Why Bottled Water is Not the Answer

Nov 3, 2014

Many of us think the perfect solution to clean drinking water is by buying bottled water. While this does give you instant, potable water, the drawbacks are many.

Drawbacks to Bottled Water

* Large Carbon Footprint

Yes, you can recycle them but that too takes resources.

* Tap Water Costs Less

Even with a filtration system, you save money avoiding costly bottles.

* Bottles May Contain Contaminants

They may say “pure” on the label, but the plastic contains harmful chemicals.

* The Water Comes From Same Sources as Tap Water

Many companies get water direct from municipal water sources.

The easy answer to getting clean, pure water has always been to purchase bottled water in the stores. With the advancements in technology, there are more efficient and healthier ways to have clean water in your home. Water Conditioning!

What is Water Conditioning?

* Water Filtration: Generally carbon-based, many impurities are eliminated but it doesn’t do a great job of removing all the calcium and magnesium.

* Salt-Based Water Softener: With harder water, a salt-based softener eliminates calcium, magnesium and other harmful minerals by adding sodium to the water source.

* Descaling: Softens the water while also addressing the buildup of minerals. These systems are salt-free and use an electrical charge to separate the minerals from the water.

Without having to depend on expensive bottles you and your family receive pure water on demand. For drinking, bathing, washing dishes, clothes, even washing your cars. The water is free of contaminants and impurities and available when you want it. Now doesn’t that sound like a great idea? The cost upfront is worth the years of safe water and functioning appliances and fixtures.

For all your questions about the advantages of water conditioning over plastic water bottles, contact Arnett’s Water Systems. We have talked to our customers after making the switch and the difference is overwhelming. Make the smart choice today, call Arnett’s Water Systems.

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