Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) System for Food and Beverage Establishments

A commercial RO system can dramatically improve the quality of your food and beverages. Minerals, sediments, and impurities in unfiltered tap water cause chemical reactions at molecular levels that can alter the appearance, smell, and flavor of food and beverages. This includes fountain drinks, coffee, tea, and even ice.

If you’re serving food and drinks that have been prepared with unfiltered water, they will never taste as they were meant to taste. Fortunately, a commercial RO system can enhance the appearance, odor, and taste of food and beverages.

Think of Water as an Ingredient

When it comes to wines, oils, and vinaigrettes, there are hundreds of varieties to choose from, but when it comes to water, the choices seem limited. Water is water, right? Well, that depends on what you’re using it for.

From boiling pasta to steaming vegetables or preparing soup and hot beverages, water is a key player in most recipes, yet it is often overlooked. Water is not just an additive or mixer. It comes in a range of flavors, depending on where it is from and how it is treated. Just like any other ingredient, you want to choose the freshest, most delicious water for your establishment.

How RO Works

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is one of the most effective forms of water filtration. RO works by using pressure to force untreated water through a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane traps and removes chemicals, minerals and impurities. Water that passes through the membrane is close to perfection: fresh and pure, with very little after-taste or odor. Commercial RO filtration provides high quality water to match the quality of food and beverages you serve.

Benefits of Installing Commercial RO Systems

Commercial RO systems work to purify your water and remove chemicals and contaminants. They can provide up to 1000 Gallons of filtered water per day and can be installed quickly and easily. A stacked tank system doesn’t require much space to operate.

Reverse osmosis is an extremely effective process, yet simple in design. Filtration systems don’t have many moveable parts, so they don’t break down or require regular maintenance. All it takes is a few hours to install and setup, and you’ll be immediately rewarded with clear, pure water you can be proud to serve.

If you’re ready to experience the difference a commercial RO system can make in the taste of food and beverages, call in a professional commercial reverse osmosis installation expert to get started. They can provide you with a preliminary water test and offer an estimate for purchasing a commercial RO system that best suits the needs of your business.


If you’re considering having a tankless water heater or a water filtration system installed into your home or business, just give us a call and schedule a visit. We’ll be happy to assist you and your family!