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Corona-phobia? 4 Great Reasons To Install A Whole-House Water Filtration System
Ease your fears with a whole-house water filtration systemEveryone's got it now–a serious case of corona-phobia. Symptoms may include excessive news-watching, obsessive hand-washing, and...

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The best water for restaurants
Restaurant Patrons Want To Know: What Kind Of Water Do You Serve?
Part of the American dining experience now includes quizzing servers about each and every item on the menu. Is this grass-fed beef? Are these locally-sourced,...

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Tap Water for Hot Drinks? Stop What You’re Brewing!
Year after year, pumpkin lattes and chamomile teas help us welcome in the winter with flavor and spice and everything nice. They remind us...

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Tap Water Contamination: Can We Truly Trust the Tap?
Tap Water Trust Issues For many years, we’ve trusted public works to provide clean tap water. Sure, it doesn't taste or smell that great. But...

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whole house water softener, water softener, water filtration, water conditioning
The Best Water for Bath Time: Water Softener in San Diego
Do you remember your baby’s first bath? It probably wasn't as easy as you thought it would be! A wet baby is slippery, squirmy,...

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Is Fabric Softener Safe?
Fabric softener has been a laundry room standard for over 50 years. Yet current trends show that sales have been declining year after year. Apparently, fabric...

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tankless water system and water softener
Better Together: Tankless systems and water softener in San Diego
Have you seen San Diego’s Water Quality Report for 2018?The good news is that San Diego has had an 11% decrease in water consumption. Go,...

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Tankless water heaters save time, money, and space.
Going Tankless in San Diego: The Perks of Owning a Tankless Water Heater
Don’t wait another 10 years to go tankless in San Diego! If your clunky old water heater is nearing the end of its lifespan, then...

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Reverse osmosis can remove microplastics commonly found in bottled water
Microplastics Found in Most Bottled Water: Is There a Safe Alternative?
Is bottled water safe to drink?  It's a sad question--with an even sadder answer.  A study released last month conducted by New York State University in...

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By removing chemicals and keeping pH levels stable, RO filtered water for commercial grow operations optimizes production in terms of quality and quantity.
RO Filtration: The Best Water for Commercial Grow Operations
Reverse Osmosis (RO) for Commercial Grow Operations Experienced growers know that optimizing growing conditions will produce high quality products and maximum yield.A common concern amongst...

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