Ask a San Diego Water Conditioning Technician

Jan 23, 2014

UV Systems are a Chemical-Free Way to Clean Your Water

You may think that water is naturally bacteria-free, but that’s not always the case when your water comes from a well or public sewer system. But there is a way to get it completely clean and safe to drink: An ultraviolet, or UV, system. They are said to destroy 99.99% of all harmful organisms that live in your drinking water. These devices are the most thorough and easily accessible of all water purification systems and they consistently provide healthy water to drink.

Is Ultraviolet Light Safe?

Yes! Ultraviolet light is entirely natural and chemical-free. Many other types of water purification systems add chlorine to your water. And while chlorine does help with removing bacteria, it’s still a chemical. UV light, on the other hand, is not.

Benefits of a UV System

Ultraviolet systems not only provide you and your family with clean drinking water, but they also eliminate the need to buy bottled water. This allows you to save money, and help the environment!

But, that’s not all. Additional benefits of UV systems include:

  • Non-toxicity: The only thing needed for UV systems to properly function is light – no chemicals required!
  • Non-Invasiveness: UV systems stay completely out of sight and out of mind while they clean your water. They don’t make noise and you can’t see them – they just do their job without causing any commotion.
  • Effectiveness: These types of systems are especially helpful if your home runs off of well water, but they are great water purification options for any home.

UV systems get rid of mold, bacteria, viruses, E. coli, and other disease-causing parasites from your potable water. Surely you don’t want your family exposed to those types of materials, so it’s best to install one of these systems as soon as you can. Protect the environment, stay healthy, and always have clean drinking water!

For more information, or to install a UV water purification system, call your local experts at Arnett’s Water Systems today!