4 Tips from a San Diego Plumber

Apr 1, 2015

Our plumbing system is one of those things we usually take for granted. If it’s working, it’s easy to forget about. But when it’s not working…it becomes a major nuisance. However, if you’re educated on your home’s plumbing system, you’ll save money and hassle in the long run.

The experts at Arnett’s Water Systems suggest these four plumbing tips for homeowners in the San Diego area:

1. Prevent a Major Flood from Ruining Your Home

A pipe has burst somewhere in your house and water is coming through the ceiling! First thing to do is turn off your house’s water. Usually a home’s main water valve is in line with the water pressure gauge on your street, so it’s probably found at the front of your garage or driveway. Shut off the valve by turning the level perpendicular to the pipe under it. The quicker you’re able to shut down, the less damage will occur.

2. Water Seals Eventually Evaporate

The water seals under your drains prevent gases from leaking into your home. If you have a drain that doesn’t get much use, its’ water seal will evaporate. We recommend installing a trap primer that will automatically refill your water seal with water or mineral oil to decrease the chance of evaporation.

3. Don’t Forget that Water Heaters Need Maintenance too!

It’s easy for homeowners to ignore water heater maintenance, but they need regular professional service. Your water tanks swell up with sediment causing the anode rods to deteriorate. We advise you to have our professionals give your water heaters an annual inspection and cleaning to keep it running efficiently well into the future.

4. Preparing Your Plumbing System for an Earthquake

Earthquakes can be disastrous to your plumbing system and put your home and family at serious risk. We recommend using this checklist before an earthquake strikes:

  • Install emergency earthquake shut-off valves to stop gas and water flow when seismic activity is detected
  • Replace older or rusted pipes to secure gas lines
  • Tie your water heater firmly to a couple of wall studs with heavy bolts and tape

The key to staying ahead of plumbing issues is: Be prepared!

Call Arnett’s Water Systems to take care of any of these critical plumbing services.